[the] style of <buttonFieldOrStack>

set the style of button "OK" to standard
set the style of stack "Inspector" to palette


The style property allows you to modify the appearance and behavior of certain objects.

Stack styles

  • standard - A simple window with a title bar, with close, minimize and maximize buttons.
  • palette - A window with a small title bar, with close, minimize and maximize buttons. Palette windows “float” above all other windows in their own layer (useful for keeping your inspector window above the document being inspected).

Button styles

  • standard - A system-standard pushbutton like it is used in alert sheets and confirmation dialogs. Note that these buttons may have different shapes on different platforms. Do not rely on their outline.
  • rectangle - A system-standard pushbutton that is rectangular in shape.
  • popup - A system-standard popup button that shows a menu over the button when clicked. The button will show one menu item for each line in the button’s contents.