put objectFromDescriptor(<objectDescriptor>[, <parent>]) into <variable>

set name of objectFromDescriptor("card Launcher") to "Launch Apps"


Sometimes, you have the full name of an object in a variable and want to set a property on it. Since Stacksmith can not know that you want the property on the object instead of on the string itself (e.g. would length of "button 1" be 8, or would it be a length user property on the button?), you can use the objectFromDescriptor() function to tell Stacksmith that you want the actual object, not just its name.


A string describing an object, like "button id 17" or "field" && quote & "User Name" & quote. Note that directly writing field "User Name" will cause Stacksmith to think you want to use an object descriptor someone has written into that field, so make sure you wrap quotes around the object descriptor if you’re not retrieving it from a variable.


If the object you’re referring to is in another stack or on another card, and not on this card or on the current card of this stack (the frontmost non-palette stack), you must specify that card/stack as the parent (possibly using objectFromDescriptor() again).